27 march 2004 : Finding the best asphalt between the tulips

Jan Feijes, march2004

Tulip discovery tour with Skate A Round
More pictures : Tjerk Langelaar

Photo impressions

Traveling from Haarlem to Leiden over the finest asphalt between the tulips waking up in the early days of springtime.
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IMG16290.JPG IMG16292.JPG IMG16293.JPG IMG16297.JPG IMG16307.JPG
IMG16308.JPG IMG16313.JPG IMG16329.JPG IMG16331.JPG IMG16333.JPG

Panorama pictures

Skating through Haarlem
kruising_leidsevaart .jpg
Halfway after skating along water and tulips, it's time for more tulips
bollenveld2 .jpg
Skating along the daffodils (the tulips were not fully awoke yet)
kruising_leiderdorp .jpg
Getting in the neightbourhood of Leiden.
plein_leiden .jpg
Central square of Leiden

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